I'm sorry I do not do trades, even for those things listed here...
(Unless you can arrange for a non-pixel wish in the first column listed below lol)...
these are here so that I have a list to work from when I have some spending money :D

Non- Pixel Wishes
Cure for diabetes!!!
Cure for all cancer!!!
Cure for all heart disease!!!
Stop world suffering!!!
Cure for anxiety & depression!!
Good Health & Happiness for my family... EVERYONE!

More Non- Pixel Wishes
My Kiwi shoes I designed (www.zazzle.com/disbme)

Pixel Wishes
Smile Recipe - Any new digi sticker sets.
Fantastic Pixeldreams Lifetime + tube license
Pixelbuedchen - Lifetime + tube license
MeYou Graphics - Lifetime + tube license
lili mandarine: Lifetime + tube license
Rosey Posey Pixels: Any tube or lineart sets

My signature preferences - requested from my Sissy Angie :)

Name for siggies: Jessie
Hair color: brown
Eye color: hazel or green
Favorite color: anything that matches, I love greens... not icky ones though lol!
Favorite pixels: Anything Smile Recipe, Anything Rosey Posey Pixels, Anything Rutan's Delights, family, fantasy, Goth, dolls, portraits, wiccan, Sister siggies, teddies, "quotes", anything mommy, fan siggies.
Least Favorite: Huge siggies, clashing colors, anything "mean"
Birthday:  May 17th - "Taurus"
Anniversary: May 19th
Hubby's Name: Douglas
Children: 1 girl - Amber age 16(Blonde hair), 5 boys - Kody age 15 (brown hair), Joshua - age 12 (blonde hair), Zachary age 10 (brown hair), Harley age 8 (blonde hair), Nikolaus age 6(brown hair)

Siblings: (Real life) RaeRae, Christina, & Rick
Online Sissies: RaeRae (blonde hair, blue eyes), Angie (red hair, blue eyes), Tanya (red hair, blue eyes), Misty (blonde hair, blue eyes), Sicara (brown hair, gray eyes),  Judith (brown hair, blue eyes), Veronica (brown hair, hazel eyes).

Anything else I'm forgetting? LOL!

Granted Wishes!

New External Hard Drive... Mine died :( - Thank you honey!!

Kreated4u - 3 months membership - Thank you Veronica!!

Kreated4U: 3 months + tube license - Thank you RaeRae, Sicara & Angie!! I love ya's!! xoxo

Rosey Posey Pixels - "The Fooshies" lineart set w/tube license - Wish Granted! Thank you Veronica! Woohoo love ya Sissy! xoxo

Smile Recipe - If you haven't been there you MUST go!! I have an addiction Yay! Of course I do not expect anyone to buy these for me :D Trust me I'll be working on the list hehe! These are in the order I'll purchase them, and filled wishes are below this list. Thank you to my secret fairy for my new addiction!

Tube sets from SR that I have are listed below hehe:

Smile Recipe: "Sweetheart Style" & "Summer Set"- Wishes Granted! Thank you so much RaeRae!
Rainbow Fairyland - Wish Granted! Thank you so much Sarah!
Ghost Cats & Boo Bunnies - Wish Granted! Thank you so much Veronica!
Goldilocks - Wish Filled - Thank you RaeRae, Angie & Sicara!
Princess Style - Wish Filled - Thank you RaeRae, Angie & Sicara!
Santa's Workshop - Wish Filled - Thank you RaeRae, Angie & Sicara!
Butterfly Fairy - Wish filled - Thank you RaeRae, Angie & Sicara!
Animal Village - Celebration! Wish Filled- Awe Kelly thank you so very much! You are a sweetheart!
Fairy Girls - Wish Filled! Thank you to my sweet Sis Sicara!
My Little mermaid - Wish filled! Thank you to my secret fairy!!
Clothes Pack - Gift to self
Koala Plants - Gift to self
Little Witch - Gift to self
Pigs Clinic - Gift to self
Playful Pups - Gift to self
Pretty Polka Dot - Gift to self
Red Riding Hood - Gift to self
Squirrels - Gift to self
Balloon Festival - Gift to self
Bears - Gift to self
Bo Peeps Flock - Gift to self
Castles - Gift to self
Fairytale - Gift to self
Froggie Pond - Gift to self
Honey Bears - Gift to self
Kitties - Gift to self
Little Girls - Gift to self
Magic Makers - Gift to self
Mermaids - Gift to self
School Bunny - Gift to self
Smile Bears - Gift to self
Smile Bunnies - Gift to self
Smile Cats - Gift to self
Smile Dogs - Gift to self
Smile Ducks - Gift to self
Snow Globes - Gift to self
Woodland - Gift to self