December 29, 2009

Under Bases/Lineart
Shimmer – 47 pc. set

Under Tubes
Emily – 350 tubes
Shimmer – 584 tubes

Under E-Mail Goodies
Monica Spring 5pk signatures
Phoebe Cmas 6pk signatures
Phoebe Happy Holidays 5pk signatures
Shimmer Dot 5pk signatures


December 6 2009

Under Tubes
Lulu Princess – 276 tubes
Ryce – 100 tubes
Temperance – 176 tubes
Luna – 100 tubes
Guenvienne – 142 tubes
Faena – 235 tubes
Kylie – 20 tubes
Maddison – 83 tubes

November 18, 2009

Under Lines
Lu Lu Princess – 51 lines

Under Tubes
Leah Marie – 945 tubes
Props (Leah Marie) – 274 tubes
Riley – 375 tubes
Corky – 354 tubes
Courtney 319 tubes
Naevah S1 – 154 tubes
Naevah S2 – 184 tubes


October 14, 2009
Under Tubes
Sundae Witchy Poo – 433 tubes

Under Email Goodies
Sundae Witchy Poo – Happy Halloween Stationary

October 13, 2009
Under Tubes

Ace – 181 tubes
Addison – 97 tubes
Ashalee – 115 tubes
Lulu – 254 tubes

Under E-mail
Signatures – 10 pk.


October 08 2009
Under Dolls
Angie Masquerade – 20 Lines
Teresa Casual – 20 Lines

Under Tubes
Teresa Casual – 60 Tubes
Anastasia – 105 Tubes

September 18 2009
We’ve been busy uploading our old packs to the new site and it’s finally done! We also have some new additions read more below:

Under Dolls
Angie Portrait Doll – 42 Lines
Faena – 79 Lines

Under Tubes
Aislin – 81 Tubes
Christina – 277 Tubes
Sandra – 412 Tubes

~*Updates 2009*~
Jun 7 Over 300 tubes added under Sunshine, a doll created by Jessie and Nika a doll created by Sicara.
Apr 30 New tube pack added under Zoey. New tube pack under Karalyssa, new line pack and new doll Aislin.
March 6 New line pack added under Cael & Quinne, Easter babies!
Tube packs added to Lizzie, Maxis, Cael & Quinne, and Cloe.
Feb 6 New line pack added under Cael & Quinne, fairy babies. Tube packs added to Sicara by Jessie, Tyrone, Tyler, and Lizzie.
Jan 31 This is a tad, or well a lot bit late lol we have been changing hosts and apologize for taking so long to get everything set up. BUT we have a GREAt update for you! We’ve added 132 tubes under Araka, 257 tubes under Cael & Quinne and 102 lines as well as shaded lines for your convenience under Cael & Quinne! PMD has also celebrated it’s FIRST year birthday! We’re so happy to have you with us, and can’t wait to see what this year brings!
~*Updates 2008*~
Dec 19 A new exclusive to PMD doll, Mary Jane. Matching tube packs for Mary Jane and a Lulu tube pack.
Dec 2 A new tube pack under Tasha, Xmas Baby Tasha!
Nov 24 HUGE update for you! New tubes under Birgit, Chelsea, Ester, Goldie, and Reese, as well as new lines in Wendy, Jessie and Sicara
Nov 11 A new tube pack under Aaryonna!
Nov 10 Yet another new tube pack added under Daisy!
Nov 9 Another new tube pack added under Daisy!
Nov 8 A new tube pack added under Daisy!
Nov 7 Yet another new tube pack added under Maddison!
Nov 6 Another new tube pack added under Maddison!
Nov 5 New tube pack added under Maddison!
Nov 4 New line pack added. Maddison! This is her second set, first one ONLY belongs to Jessie so you will only find Maddison tubes from the first set here, and the second set will only be found HERE! YAY! lol … and I gotta say this one is adorable! It’s an avatar base she holds, a candle, baby (girl/boy/twins) as well as some pets (dog/cat/bunny/bird)
Nov 3 New Tube Pack Added, Angel Ester! 206 new tubes!
Nov 2 New line pack added under Ester! Angel Ester!
Nov 1 New line pack added under Ester! Xmas Ester!
Oct 1 New tube pack added, Lily from Sicara’s Dark Enchantments, over 100 tubes. You will also meet Sarah a new line pack!
Sept 25 We’ve updated with an UBER cute tube pack from Rae Rae using our Mary doll, over 200 tubes!
Sept 17 A new doll for everyone to play with, also a matching tube set … welcome ELLA to PMD!
Sept 1 Well our summer break is over and I do hope you’ve enjoyed yours! We have some news for you all and some new dolls!
You will find that we have switched to amember, if you’re a member please be sure to sign up! Also, we will now be updating 3 times a month instead of once! Now onto the goodies!
128 Lines under Kayla Princess, 608 tubes under Kayla Princess, and 32 tubes under Sicara a total of 768 items!
August Summer Break!
July Summer Break!
June 17 New doll tube pack added by Jessie, Marcy over 600 items.
June 1 New dolls, Mary and Paige! We also added a tube pack under Rae Rae, Maddison and Aggie :) 316 items in total.
May 1 New doll, Cameron *WOOT WOOT, dar be a boy in da house! lol* Zoey has a new “bug rider” pack, you can also find tubes of Cassidy, Dannielle and Desiree :) 521 items in total.
Apr 1 New dolls Zoey, Jerasi, Rafe and Raven, Jezzebelle & Rafe/Raven tubes added.
Mar 22, 2008 New Easter Tubes and Props Added.
Mar 12 New Easter set for Ester Added.
Mar 2 New Doll Added, Ester, more bases, tubes and lines!
Feb 6 3 new sets added to Breanna Marie!
Feb 1 Two New Dolls Added, Patty and Sijera, 2 new tube packs added.
Jan 18 New doll added! Breanna Marie!
Jan 13 Site updated with 6 new dolls, and 2 doll tubes sets. Includes 241 bases, 550 lines, 130 tubes and lots of cute face expressions!

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