Our Dolls are SPECIAL, please keep their names intact!

We do not HAVE to sell ANYTHING to anyone we choose not to.
Once your password has been given there will be no refunds, we do not refund money for those who have went against our terms.

don’t ask someone else to color our lines for you to put in your members area, whether you have a tube license or not.
This includes your username and password. We track IP’s.

Our mailing list is MANDATORY please make sure you have joined!

You must link back to our website using our logo, it must be on your site within three days of joining or your membership
will be suspended. Please provide us with the URL our link will be on.
We do make random checks to make sure our logo’s are present, *or a text link and correct!
If your membership expires and you continue to use our outlines, or anything from our website you MUST continue to display our logo on your site.
You do not have to have a website to join. If you have a website you must give us the URL.

A reminder… You may NOT make any of our graphics into clipart, or any other digital art form except for purposes intended and written into our terms of use. We do not offer any re-sellers license, or any form of Commercial offline use licenses. We also do not allow pre-shading (grayscale) to be offered from our lines.  There is no Re-coloring allowed for your members/customers.  When our outlines are colored for this purpose it is too much like you are giving a tube license for our outlines and that we do NOT allow.  A lot of site owners terms are the same, and permission should be asked unless it’s stated that it’s okay.  We sell licenses to our members/customers only, and never give your members rights to our graphics unless they are purchased “asis” by you for your password protected member area, and that is only from our shops, and our AsIs member areas.  Even if the graphics are purchased “asis” our terms of use MUST be followed as well as your’s.  They are posted in our shops for your member’s/customers convenience. If there is something you create that is NOT listed as okay to use our graphics for in our terms of use then you may NOT use our graphics to create these things.  Special permission may be granted on a case by case basis, if we do not mind everyone using our graphics for this “new” purpose we will add the new project in our terms of use granting everyone permission.  In short if it doesn’t say you can then you CAN’T.  Please do not assume it’s okay because it’s not listed. We are sorry to have to post this for everyone when only a handful of people abuse the terms of use.  We feel sometimes a reminder is needed, and that is all this is. If you have any questions please just ask.

Line Art & Tubes
If you would like to sell tubes you make from our lineart in tube packs, or outside of a password protected member’s area…you MUST purchase a commercial tubing license.
You must ALWAYS color and decorate our outlines before you can use them for anything.
We do not give ANYONE rights to use our outlines as is in their members area, or anywhere else.
You MUST add more than just text to the tubes… even just grass, or a little scene etc. is fine. Just not only one tube and your name please.
You MAY sell your creations from our tubes if you wish, but you may NOT sell our tubes, or add them to any collection, anywhere.

You may NOT resize our outlines ever, for any reason.
If you really want something larger/smaller than please email us, if we have time, and we are able we will do it for you.

This is not something we do everyday so please do not expect us to do it often.

You may NOT remove parts of our outlines to use with other outlines… not even our own outlines.
You may not alter our graphics in anyway. If you want something re-colored etc. Please email us and
we will do what we can to help you get what your needing.

Doll Bases
Doll bases may NOT be re-coloured unless you hold a base tubing license. All bases must be fully dressed whether you hold a base
or tubing license. For more information about licenses, read our prices page. Doll names must stay in tact, faces may not be changed.

Outlines and your results from our tutorials may be TUBED to use in your members area ONLY with a tube license,
which costs $40.00 in addition to your membership fee.
You may NOT offer the outlines, you can offer the tubes you make from them.
You may not create tutorials from our lines.

We will always hold original copyright and it must be given at all times!

If you have ANY questions what so ever that I may not have covered here PLEASE email us BEFORE you use the graphic in question.
It will help solve any potential misunderstandings before they happen.

There is to be NO hot linking to anything on our site. If you are caught doing so your membership WILL be revoked, with NO refund.

I do reserve the right to change any or all of our terms at any given time. For this reason I ask that you regularly check for changes.