This is where I will place my wishes. Im such a horrible impulse buyer lol, so this will help me remember what i am saving for lmao. These are the only places I am currently trading with.
Any Tubes or Line packs from Rosey Posey Pixel
Any Line Collections from The Littlest Patch have... 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the tubing license.
-Lifetime Upgrade- Sparkle Faery Dreams
Lifetime Membership to Completement Blinkies 6 months gifted to me by Cindy thanks so much babes that really means a lot to me!!!
Membership to Little Treasure Island Traded thanks so much babes!!!
Lifetime Membership to Musemates---got 6 months membership and license from my BESTEST friends, Jessie , Sicara, and Angie!!! ty so much ladies i love ya!!!
Upgrade to Lifetime have licenses to Pixmel
1 yr Membership plus license to Sannes Pixels