About Us

Welcome to Disbme Studios, where passion meets craftsmanship in a world of delightful scents and handmade wonders! Founded by a creative woman with a heart full of dreams, our studio is a celebration of empowerment, uniqueness, and the pure joy of creating. From the sizzling scents of our handmade wax melts to the playful charm of our squeezables and scoopables, every creation is infused with love and attention to detail. Our version of the traditional candle is not just a flame, it's a flicker of the dedication that goes into each pour.

At Disbme Studios, we dance to the rhythm of our own handmade beat, ensuring that every product carries the warmth of a woman's touch. We invite you to explore our collection, where fun, allure, and love intertwine to create an olfactory symphony that transforms spaces into sanctuaries. Thank you for being a part of our journey – because handmade isn't just a process; it's a passion that infuses every corner of Disbme Studios with soulful, fragrant magic!